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Teaching others to discover joy by deepening faith in
God’s endless love.



Meet Anne Stauffer

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“Anne enlivens the spirit, steadies the hand,
and sets us on the path to joy.”

These are just a few words used to describe Anne Stauffer. Anne is a Christian Minister, teacher, spiritual guide, author, and counselor.

Anne’s deep understanding of the holiness of God enables her to reveal His glory through the power of the Holy Spirit. Through her spiritual gifts of divine wisdom and insight, Anne transforms lives by teaching others how to:

- Become sensitive to the love and power the Holy Spirit provides.
- Employ scriptural lessons as solutions to life's various challenges.
- Trust in God's ability to see them through every circumstance.
- Discover joy through deepening faith in God’s Endless Love.

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“The Way to Stillness”

In collaboration with her late mother Gayle, Anne authored “The Way to Stillness” in which they share their unique approach to connecting with others at a deep level. The book is full of rich insight and profound, inspiring life lessons so that anyone can find and embrace all that is in them as truly good.

Discover beautiful, thought provoking imagery and powerful tools woven together in “The Way to Stillness”, a practical guide to use as a manual on your spiritual journey.

“The Way To Stillness is a very helpful and hopeful book. I would recommend it to anyone.”

“One of those beautiful books with much to offer anyone interested in more love-filled relationships.”


“To retreat” means to go to a place of safety, quiet, and seclusion. By going to a retreat, we physically remove ourselves from life’s distractions and demands in order to make space for God. Anne leads retreats throughout the year. She believes in the power and energy that comes from being near to one another to share our fears, triumphs, pain, and joy.

If you struggle to hear God in the chaos and noise of your daily life, don’t be discouraged. Even Jesus recognized the value and need to get away.

Faith is contagious - it passes from person to person. Today’s busy world allows little time for women to share faith stories, pray together, and hear biblical messages written with women in mind. Anne’s retreats force us to re-claim that time and recharge leaving us feeling energized and renewed.



Anne has over 35 years of experience as a licensed therapist, and is an Ordained Minister of Pastoral Counseling. She is the owner of, and sole sole practitioner at Cottage In The Woods, a peaceful haven nestled in a retreat-like setting in Nashville.

Anne’s passion is empowering individuals and couples to discover the strength needed to find purpose and navigate life's challenges. Her therapeutic approach is unique to the needs of each client with a common goal: discovering wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

There is no paperwork and no waiting for your appointment. Anne counsels individuals and couples with complete confidentiality and offers video conferencing or phone sessions as alternative options. Self-payment is accepted, and receipts for your visit(s) are available for your insurance company.

Anne’s area of specialization: Divorce, Separation, and Premarital Counseling in addition to PTSD, Addiction, Recovery, Depression and Anxiety, Codependency, Eating Disorders, Abuse, and Grief and Loss.

“It is important for me to be counseled by the very best and she is!”
“Anne’s ability to ‘speak the truth in love’ has saved me many times.”
”In each session with Anne there is a life giving breakthrough.”

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